12th Technical Conference

Twelfth Technical Conference

The Twelfth Technical Conference was held at the JW Marriott Kuwait, on May 5th 2004, The following papers were presented to an audience of around 130 people.

  • Keynote Speech
    Mr. Nader Sultan, Deputy Chairman & CEO - KPC

  • Kuwait Gas Management System (KGMS)
    Mr. Hamza Bakhash, General Manager MAA Refinery, KNPC, Kuwait

  • New Technology Aids in Efficient, High Recovery of Liquids from Rich Natural Gas Streams
    Mr. Jorge H. Foglietta, Director of Technology Development and Process Engineering
    Lummus Process Technology - Randall Gas Technologies,Texas, U.S.A

  • Avoid Amine Regeneration Tray Damage
    Mr. Ahmed M. Khalil, Mr. Hassan Baaqueel, Mr. Ahmed Wadei,
    Shedgum Gas Plant, Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), Saudi Arabia

  • HHH and Ethane Plus Processes (Patent Pending) Innovative Process Integration IPI Application for New NGL Recovery Processes
    Mr. Hussein Ismail, Senior Technical Advisor, Egypt

  • Economic Evaluation for Production of Natural Gas Hydrates for Natural
    Gas Transportation
    Dr. Jafar Javanmardi, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
    University of Shiraz, Iran
    & Dr. Mahmood Moshfeghian, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait

  • From Purification to Liquefaction: 'Gas Processing with Axens Technology'
    Mr. Laurent Savary, Axens, France

  • A New Look at Amines: Extending the Gas Industry Workhorse to New Limits
    Mr. Christian Streicher, Prosernat & François Lallemand, Total SA
    & Mr. Ari Minkkinen and Mr. Fabrice Lecomte, IFP, Rueil Malmaison, France

  • Retrofitting the Existing Flare / Burnery for Smokeless Operations
    Mr. K.S.Sabapatti , Lead Process Engineer, Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery, KNPC, Kuwait